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Jay Hill Smoke Oven 30 x 17.5 x 7 cm

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Jay Hill Smoke Oven 30 x 17.5 x 7 cm

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Product information

With the Jay Hill smoker, you can easily and quickly add an aromatic smoke flavour to your fish, meat or other ingredients. Make a delicious salmon with a tough sauce by using different kinds of smoke dust/smoke chips. The Jay Hill smoker comes standard with a drip tray, grid and lid. It is suitable for gas and electric hobs, induction, oven, grill and on the barbecue. The great thing about the smoker is that you can also use it as a regular oven, roasting pan and steamer.

Jay Hill Smoker user manual

With the Jay Hill Smoker, you will give a delicious smoke flavour to your fish, meat or vegetables. The smoker is specially built for smoking food. When you burn wood in the smoker, it gives off smoke. The smoke is collected in the enclosed space and gives the smoke flavours to your ingredients. 

Box contents

You will find the following parts in the box:

Pan with handles

Drip tray


Sliding lid

How do you use the Jay Hill Smoker?

To smoke your food, you need the Jay Hill Smoker and smoking wood of your choice. Read here how to use the Jay Hill Smoker.

Prepare the smoker for use. You do this by taking all the parts apart. The drip plate and grid should be removed from the pan. Then you can spread two tablespoons of smoking wood over the pan, making sure it is not in one pile, but well distributed. This way, you ensure that the lower part of the smoking wood does not burn. Now place the drip plate and the grid back in the pan in the correct order. 

Now that the smoker is ready for use, you can place the desired product on the grid. Make sure that the product is placed in the middle of the smoking rack or that you spread the products well over the rack. You can then slide the sliding lid back onto the pan, leaving a little space so that you can later see that the pan is smoking.

Now place the smoker on the heat source. Make sure you move the pan carefully so the products do not move. Turn on the heat source/ignite the gas. At first, put the heat source on high so that smoke is created. Once the smoke has formed, turn the heat source down/medium-high and slide the lid completely closed. This way, the products in the pan retain moisture better. 

It is difficult to regulate temperatures in a smoker, so it is handy to use a core thermometer. In this way, you can keep a close eye on how hot the pan is and ensure that the products do not come out of the pan overcooked. Always keep the lid on the pan during the smoking process. Otherwise, the smoke will escape and the smoking process will not continue. When the smoking process is finished depends on the product you are smoking. Take a look at the many recipes for smoking products, which almost always specify the temperature and smoking time. 

When your product is sufficiently cooked, turn off the heat. Now slide the lid open a little. Let the smoke escape from the oven under the cooker hood. Then you can slowly slide the lid completely off the pan. Remove the products from the pan and let the pan cool down well before you can start cleaning it.

Cleaning the Jay Hill smoker

When the pan has cooled down sufficiently, you can start cleaning it. Dispose of the smoker dust, making sure it has cooled down completely to prevent fire. The drip tray and grid can be cleaned in the dishwasher. They can also be washed with a little detergent. 
The pan itself cannot go into the dishwasher. You clean it with a little washing-up liquid and warm water. Note: the pan will discolour over time, this is due to the smoke. This does not mean that the pan is dirty and can no longer be used.


Brand Jay Hill
Heat source Gas, BBQ, Oven, Electric, Ceramic, Inductie
Weight 1462
Length 300
Width 175
Height 70
Package length (cm) 30
Package width (cm) 18
Package height (cm) 9

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